Vimium browser plugin – less distractions – more efficiency


I never thought that a browser extension would have such a huge impact to my workflow. Vimium proofed me wrong. It makes browsing so much faster and it makes a mouse almost obsolete, which in my opinion is a killer feature. How many times an hour do you have to switch between mouse and keyboard? Ten? Twenty? Fifty? With Vimium it’s maybe five times an hour. Curious?

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CALLCENTER CHRONICLES 2# – mindfuck, meditations and corporate madness

This one goes out to all you monkey’s in their wheels, to the step childs of the corporate family, the ones who work to pay their bills, but the only thing they fulfill is the mission of profit and not them selfs, neither their lifes.

This one goes out to all 80-hour workweek junkies, to the customer support agents, to the quality coaches, to bosses, to directors, to chief officers, to you who is searching something meaningfull between all the spreadsheets, buzzwords, advertisement concepts and communication guidelines. Continue reading “CALLCENTER CHRONICLES 2# – mindfuck, meditations and corporate madness”

Review Pok3r RGB mechanical 60% keyboard

I just spent my first week with the POK3R RGB from Vortex, the most awesome keyboard I’ve ever owned.

Vortex is a popular brand for mechanical keyboards and rides in a row with “Das Keyboard” or “Cherry MX”. The really special thing about it is the 60% form-factor. This means no F-keys, no numpad, and no arrow or home cluster. These buttons are accessed through the modifier-keys FN and PN (or ‘Menu’-key).

You need to be aware of the learning curve, but when you have figured it out, the POK3R gives you access to a more productive workflow. Beside that, it looks awesome, it sounds awesome and it makes typing more fun. Read more down below.

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CALLCENTER CHRONICLES 1# The mindset of Agent B

Even though, you might be quite satisfied with your current job situation, be aware that stagnation is creeping up your back.

I have found my tactics to make my everyday work most exciting, to learn new things every day, to improve my health and to boost my creativity. All while I do the work i get paid for.

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Best of 33c3 – My personal top talks at the chaos computer congress 2016.

If you haven’t heard about the chaos computer club and their annual congress yet, shame on you, it’s a decentralized hacker organization, founded in 1981.
It’s also the “longest established and most influential civil society organisations dealing with the security and privacy aspects of technology in the German-speaking world.” with 5500+ Members.

Over the years I never managed to physically appear at the congress, but I love to watch their talks, get inspired by their ideas and I share the awareness of the technologically immersed society we are living in.

I give you a selection of my favorite ccc-talks from the 33c3 – congress. Don’t worry, you do not have to be a computerscientist to get the points.

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NFC-Implant in my hand – “Oops!… How did that happen?”

NIC IIMPLANT - 3,5mm x1,2mmRead about my NFC-Implant, the procedure, the healing process, the use cases and people how react to it.


The day after the corporate xmas-party-clusterf*ck, I had a nice all you-can-eat-breakfast at the hotel. After that and a shower, I jumped the into the subway, heading to hangcock-piercing, where within minutes I got an nfc-chip implanted into my hand.

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Pimp your XMAS-Party with a Raspberry-Pi accesspoint (aka WeihFei)

Bring your own accespoint with social media function to your companies XMAS-party.

It is the time of corporate xmas-parties. People get together, get wasted, do wierd things and post them on facebook. As my company’s credo is “What happens at the party, stays at the Party”, I scrambled together a flashing cookie-box with a wifi-accesspoint inside. Guests can upload their shitfaced selfies and no one beyond the corporate party-environment can have a glimpse at it.


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Hello world!

Welcome to nrd-sprawl.

I’ve set up this page in the first place for my own entertainment, to write about my everyday life with technologies, some projects and funny tech-stories. I’ll also invite some friends, who I might consider interessting, to guest-blog at nrd-sprawl. Do not take the content too serious. This is not ment to be a professional blog – I am not blogging to make a living – so pls do not take anything too serious here.

Thank you.